Our theme verse: II Samuel 24:24 – It will cost to build an altar to the Lord.
Gen. 8:22 - The principle of sowing and reaping remains and will not cease.  Exodus 25:2 - Speak to the children of God and everyone that gives willingly an offering with their heart, you shall take as my offering.

After receiving his college degree in Biology at AM&N College (currently University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff), Dr. Lawrence Shine earned his degree in Pharmacy at the University of Arkansas School of Pharmacy in Little Rock, AR, where he excelled in the area of compounding. He later obtained his dental degree at the University of Missouri at Kansas City Dental School. Always studying and observing the problems his patients experienced of the mouth, neck, and skin while in private practice for over 30 years, he sought to create and patent a remedy with superior effectiveness to help not only oral pain, but also other painful ailments of the patients he served. After consultation with the Lord, he finally came up with this “little bottle of liquid gold” that has been found to have so many useful applications that it will truly amaze you. Try it – and you will love it!