A to Z+ GOLD Skin Balm also contains the same powerful agents as Restore ‘N Relieve Hair Bump Remedy and will treat the same conditions (i.e. hair bumps and other skin irritations). This product is simply more concentrated in its essential oils content giving it more pain relieving action! For pain relief, spray generously to area of pain or soreness, let it absorb for several seconds, then rub in or massage briskly by hands or use a carrier oil to aid absorption – repeat for deeper pain relief, especially on knees and shoulders. Excellent for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back & neck relief along with any other exterior areas of pain, shingles, gout, neuropathy in hands and feet. Very safe on hands and fingers where you’ll also get added relief! PLUS FOR aromatherapy – spray fingers then breathe deeply the vapor and apply small amount to back of ears or temples as needed for headaches, stress or nausea. ALWAY SHAKE WELL AND AVOID EYES and other mucus membranes. Store in safe, stable locations and away from small children.

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