A to Z+ Skin Balm also contains the same powerful agents as Restore ‘N Relieve Hair Bump Remedy. This excellent balm which soothes and speeds healing for many other irritations, i.e. after shaving cuts , minor burns during and after PERMs, HAIR removal procedures, CUTICLE adjustments in the Professional shops is a quick and reliable product to help keep clients comfortable during those procedures and afterwards also. Very handy and available in spray form when you or your kids are bitten or stung by insects or rashes like Poison Ivy or Oak and some types of Psoriasis and Allergic reactions on the skin. Safe for use with mature children, not recommended for infants!! ALWAY SHAKE WELL AND AVOID EYES and other mucus membranes. Store in safe, stable locations and away from small children. “These products are not only amazingly effective and convenient, but have so many other uses from the salon or barber shop to your medicine cabinet.”

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